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On a Budget? We can help you save $2500 in WordPress Development and Google Ads Services while taking your project off the ground.

Unleash your online potential with our WordPress expertise—customized websites, seamless functionality, and unmatched user experiences await.

Ignite your e-commerce success with our Magento services—empowering you with scalable, feature-rich solutions that redefine online shopping experiences.

Dominate the search results and skyrocket your online visibility with our powerful SEO services—unlocking the full potential of your website and driving targeted organic traffic to fuel your success.

Supercharge your digital advertising with our Google Ads services—unleashing the full potential of targeted campaigns, driving high-quality traffic, and delivering unparalleled ROI for your business.

Amplify your reach and tap into a diverse audience with our Bing Ads services—expanding your online presence, driving qualified leads, and achieving exceptional results across the Microsoft Advertising network.

Harness the power of social media marketing with our Facebook Ads services—unlocking unparalleled audience targeting, engaging creatives, and measurable results that propel your brand to new heights of success.

Present your content in an attractive Circle layout item 6. You can highlight key information with click or hover effects and style it as per your preference.

Turbocharge your website with our speed optimization services—lightning-fast loading times for unrivaled performance and user satisfaction.

Our Services


Collaboration from our WordPress Professionals aims at Creating Digital experiences of the first water. Our team seeks optimum usage of WordPress’s powerful Plug-in integrations, Tightened security, Design Themes, and Content Management skills to deliver sustainably profitable websites.


Sometimes the aim is clear but the process is not. SEO is a similar part of the unknowns. Our professionals intend to conduct all the Whitehat practices and thoughtful keyword research to deliver high rankings on SERP of all major search engines.

Google Ads

Focusing on the overall management of your Google Ads and Bing Campaigns, our Internal team of experts has transformed liberal ad spends into maintained profitability. Help us serve the same to you.

Facebook Ads

Dominate your competition with Facebook Ads. Reach your target audience, drive engagement, and boost business growth. Let our expert team create compelling ads for exceptional results. Stay ahead in the digital era with our Facebook Ads services.

Bing Ads

Boost your business with our expertly crafted Bing Ads campaigns. Increase your profits and enhance your brand value through strategic targeting and optimized ad placements. Maximize your online visibility and drive qualified traffic to your website. Trust our services to deliver measurable results and elevate your advertising success.

Amazon Ads

Supercharge your sales on Amazon with our dynamic Amazon Ads services. Increase your product visibility, drive targeted traffic, and maximize conversions. Our expert team will optimize your campaigns to ensure maximum ROI. Stay ahead in the competitive Amazon marketplace and achieve unparalleled success with our tailored advertising solutions.


Unlock the true potential of your e-commerce business with our Magento services. Our team of certified developers empowers merchants to seamlessly blend digital and physical shopping experiences. Enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and boost sales. Trust our expertise to deliver a cutting-edge Magento solution that propels your business to new heights.


Launch your online store effortlessly with Shopify, the ultimate solution for a flawless and speedy setup. Get your business up and running in no time with its user-friendly interface and powerful features. From customizable designs to secure payment processing, Shopify equips you with everything you need for online success.

Speed Optimization

Boost your website's performance with our Speed Optimization & Web Vitals services. We optimize your site to load lightning-fast, ensuring a seamless user experience. By optimizing key web vitals metrics, such as Core Web Vitals, we enhance your site's overall quality and ranking in search results. Trust us to optimize your website for maximum speed, user satisfaction, and improved conversions.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Persistent Roi, has been a great help for Beurer. They have increased our ROI on every camping they create for us. Whenever we have a question Jeet help us understand... read more

    Beurer North America Avatar Beurer North America

    Very very happy with Keyur and his teams work, very professional work Would recommend 100%! Thank you

    Jiger Panchal Avatar Jiger Panchal

    Amazing team and especially the leader - keyur! He ensured that I get the best outcome of what I desired! Highly recommend them!

    Tejas Patel Avatar Tejas Patel
  • Very satisfied with the performance and customer service we've received

    Dhruvin Panchal Avatar Dhruvin Panchal

    As a small e-commerce business, we have to priortize the value and efficiency together. I happy to leverage Persistent Roi team to manage the Google advertisement Persistent Roi team is... read more

    Akshar Patel Avatar Akshar Patel

    Persistent Roi has been amazing at taking our paid social marketing to the next level! We started ads internally and reached a point where we needed help. After researching many... read more

    Rut Patel Avatar Rut Patel
  • I had the pleasure of working with the Persistent Roi team for a couple years, primarily on Google Ads campaigns, but also Social ads and SEO efforts. The team there... read more

    Palak Patel Avatar Palak Patel

    Had a great experience working with Persistent ROI to drive growth. - they are both strategic and proactive, always working to meet objectives and providing thorough reporting ahead of schedule.... read more

    Irina Barskiy Avatar Irina Barskiy

    Jeet has been of great assistance mentoring me on optimizing a Google Adwords program for one of my clients. He's very knowledgeable and responsive, and good results have come from... read more

    Bill Rice Avatar Bill Rice
  • It's hard to understand him, but he does great work. Keyur was very knowledgeable and was super helpful!

    Megan Dewing Avatar Megan Dewing

    When doing our research for equality digital marketing agency, no agency stood out like Persistent Roi Media. It was obvious that they were the most qualified and experienced to... read more

    simranjeet brahatt Avatar simranjeet brahatt

    We increased website traffic by over 60% and increased new clients calls by over 75%. Their expertise helped increase conversion rates with new prospects. We saw that Persistent Roi ... read more

    Miteshkumar Chaudhari Avatar Miteshkumar Chaudhari
  • I cannot say enough good things about Persistent Roi Media and my experience working with Keyur and his team. They are incredible at what they do! They are very... read more

    amit kumar Verma Avatar amit kumar Verma

    Keyur at Persistent Roi has done a great job, worked hard to follow through on everything he committed to and the results show it!

    Roscoe Hill Avatar Roscoe Hill

    Thanks to Keyur and his team, we increased website traffic by over 60% and increased new clients calls by over 75%. Their expertise helped increase conversion rates with new prospects.... read more

    Meghana Vodela Avatar Meghana Vodela
  • I really enjoyed the partnership I have with Persistent Roi. I can reach out to their team whenever I have a question or idea and I always receive a prompt... read more

    Micael Pereda Avatar Micael Pereda

    Keyur and his team has done a great job, worked hard to follow through on everything he committed to and the results show it

    Maulik Patel Avatar Maulik Patel

    Persistent Roi Media helped me create a great website and increase my customer base right away. Highly recommended for those looking to increase their customer base and website traffic.

    Alkarakesh Patel Avatar Alkarakesh Patel
  • Rachel,Keyur, and their team at Persistent roi have Been amazing to work with! We hired them to create website for our company and have been very pleased with their professionalism.... read more

    Sunny Patel Avatar Sunny Patel

    Excellent experience Very happy with communication I recommend 10/10

    Kush Patel Avatar Kush Patel

    They completed the work and we are very happy. Were always quick to reply to my request/comments. They handled requests in a timely manner. Excellent work!

    Heide Hatten Kapfer Avatar Heide Hatten Kapfer
  • Keyur And his team delivered good work on my website And I enjoyed working with him. His communication was top-notch, he met all deadlines, and his skills were reasonably... read more

    Andrew Jones Avatar Andrew Jones

    Really good service and such an awesome guy Keyur is. He also gets the job done professionally, and is skilled, polite, professional, and very helpful he is just a blast.

    Alex Shaw19 Avatar Alex Shaw19

    Keyur and his team (Persistent Roi) Was flexible and proactively contributed ideas that Drove the success of the project.

    Cheryl Hollars Avatar Cheryl Hollars
  • The team at PersistentRoi has been great to work with. They have spent a great deal of time with me working on marketing & design ideas. I especially appreciate how... read more

    Patel rr0099 Avatar Patel rr0099

    Built a fantastic website for our church! As our church has been growing, we were in need of a new website that would give our members information on each... read more

    Frank Switzer Avatar Frank Switzer

    Working with Keyur and the team at Persistent Roi was amazing! They helped every step of the way on our website re-design even when things changed quickly and unexpectedly. Would... read more

    Dean Shaw Avatar Dean Shaw

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